We are creative
Believe in what you believe. My name is Yulia Cherviachenko. I am interior designer and founder of Y BURO. Why interior design and what is Y BURO about?

Starting 2014 I have patiently studied theory of design, visualisation, drawings, construction life hacks. As a result got a strong theoretical background proven by Ukrainian and international diplomas.

But let's be fair, theory is not always enough. The best teacher is practice. That is why I have improved skills managing real projects since 2016.
Because offering innovative techniques, modern and safe materials, and making the square centimeter of space fully functional.
Because making information and services understandable.
We are communicative
We are progressive
Because producing works that provide aesthetic pleasure.
It is within this context that we would like to develop and work with industry to achieve quality, whatever form it may take. Because, to us, quality is the obligation, design the inspiration.
My name is Margarita Logvinova and I am the co-founder of Y BURO interior design studio.

I have a profound passion for design and take pride in creating spaces that are as comfortable as they are functional and appealing. By harnessing inspiration and taking a detailed approach, I aim to make the complex look effortless and inviting.

My knowledge is confirmed by economic and international diplomas in design, visualization and architecture. At the same time, I improve my skills and knowledge by attending international exhibitions, various courses and seminars. Also the embodiment of different ideas, making complex and responsible decisions form professional experience every day.
Y BURO is a boutique interior design studio, specialising in both contemporary and classic interiors for private residences, unique office-spaces, restaurants.

We specialize in the fields of interior design, visualization, decoration, architectural design.We understand the complexities of a construction site, know solutions that work alongside detailed plans.

The overriding inspirations can be summed up by: creativity, concept and individuality.

Our design philosophy based around understating elegance and innovation. We create an idea that gives character and personality to your heart's spaces.
Your buro shapes your reality